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Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD) US Dollar (USD) Conversion Table

SBD (Solomon Islands Dollar)USD (US Dollar)
1 SBD0.11944768 USD
10 SBD1.19447680 USD
100 SBD11.9447680 USD
1,000 SBD119 USD
10,000 SBD1,194 USD
100,000 SBD11,945 USD
1,000,000 SBD119,448 USD
10,000,000 SBD1,194,477 USD
100,000,000 SBD11,944,768 USD


Gold price in SBD (Solomon Islands Dollar)

Silver price in SBD (Solomon Islands Dollar)

Gold price in USD (US Dollar)

Silver price in USD (US Dollar)

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