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Adzcoin is a cryptocurrency (= digital money) and has the potential to become to Google, Facebook and other ad agencies what Bitcoin has become to (central) banks! The goal of ADZcoin is to become a replacement for online advertising, and allow publishers to make money in a superior way.

Adzcoin works the same way as Bitcoin for instance, except for the simple fact that we have recreated the mining process. This simply means that EVERYBODY will be able to earn coins forever, which in turn can be used to turn into cash or spend in various shops online such as our very own Startpeepsmarket and various advertising options in our network.

Cryptocurrency is the most interesting innovation since the internet was invented. By giving power to the people, we are able to radically change the financial system ourselves. While Bitcoin is the most powerful of all cryptocurrencies available, the mining process can't be done anymore by the general public.

Adzcoin will change this forever, and we are here to help change the way people think about money. Should money be printed by big institutions who only care about themselves and the super rich? NO. Let's create our own wealth from now on through the power of social media!


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