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007 ICO is complete, the buy wall has come down and normal trading has commenced. PoW will be over shortly, and PoS will take over the blockchain in a matter of days. We want to release our vision of how investors will be rewarded as we migrate into a Crypto startup.

First off, in the spirit of our casino theme, we'd like to introduce our High Stakes Hold'em phase. This may come as a surprise, but we will fork the code base in the next couple days, allowing investors to stake a rate much higher than originally promised. We will be in touch with C-Cex to make sure this goes seamlessly, no coin swaps will be required, it's just a modification to the code. The only thing you have to do is start building coin age and migrate to the new wallet when it is available. We plan to do this very soon, before we release our masternodes.

Second thing on the list is escrow nodes. We plan to offer a side betting portion to the sports betting site, where people can bet on games currently in progress. We plan on having a few live feeds go through the main page, be it poker tournaments or horse races, anything that can be streamed you can bet on. In order to do this, there will be an area where users will have a short amount of time to set up bets. The max bet will be the amount of coins required to run an escrow node, which we will reveal shortly. Once the bets are placed, the site will hold the users coins in escrow, and communicate with the masternodes. What makes this unique is that the site will not be centralized, it will only take a 'rake' from the bets, and be paid by the masternodes. The nodes themselves will take a percentage of the action, along with any blocks they stake along the way. Everything above and beyond the cost of running the masternode will be sent to whatever address the owner specifies. At this time, the site plans to take a .75% rake while the masternodes get 1.25%.

For the casino, people watching others play blackjack or poker in the standard games section can bet the outcome of the game. The casino plans to operate completely free of a centralized wallet, all bets will go through these nodes, so the revenue potential here is huge.

The decentralized exchange will require an adjustment to the masternodes, they will start to require more collateral if they wish to allow for bigger trades. For this to work, the masternodes will have to specify which coins they plan to host and install those wallets on a Linux server. The masternode will then control these wallets, and keep a portion of the action. The only issue here is security, and it is best to offer only established currencies that have the RPC commands set up in a way that the masternodes can communicate with. Certain new coins may not work, and others may operate at the masternode owner's risk. When initiating a trade, you will enter your 007 address before sending the coin of your choice. If the masternode fails to complete the transaction, the 007 coins get sent to the trader.

All of this will be turned into a business plan document, available shortly.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1033996.msg11213757#msg11213757

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