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a007 (atto007coin)

a007 (atto007coin) is a unit of 007coin (007) cryptocurrency. 1 007 = 1000000000000000000 atto007coin.

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Lebanese Pound

The Lebanese pound (Arabic: ليرة‎‎ lira; French: livre; sign: ل.ل.‎, ISO 4217: LBP) is the currency of Lebanon. It used to be divided into 100 piastres (or qirsh) but inflation has eliminated the subdivisions. The plural form of lira, as used on the currency, is either lirat (ليرات) or the same, whilst there were four forms for qirsh: the dual qirshan (قرشان), the plural qirush (قروش) used with numbers 3–10, the accusative singular qirsha (قرشا) used with 11–99, or the genitive singular qirshi (قرش) used with multiples of 100. In both cases, the number determines which plural form is used. Before the Second World War, the Arabic spelling of the subdivision was غرش (girsh). All of Lebanon's coins and banknotes are bilingual in Arabic and French.


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